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3.900 RSD

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Spod i Marker štap minimalističkog izgleda , napravljeni od kvalitetnog karbona. Namenjeni dalekim izbačajima prilikom hranjenja ili markiranja terena.

  • 10ft 3lb, 3.5lb 

Ribolovačka oprema, Proizvođač: Fox International, Uvoznik: Carpologija d.o.o., Zemlja porekla:NR Kina

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Exodus Pro 10Ft Spod/Marker.

The Exodus range is renowned for outstanding performance, superb quality and exceptional value for money.

Recent technological advancements have allowed for the next generation, Exodus Pro.

Quality doesn´t always have to come at a price.

Exodus Pro rods are built on a high modulus, lightweight carbon blank and finished with a 3k weave, making them appealing to those with a tight budget.

The range is home to two 10ft rods from 3lb, which is perfect for stalking and small water fishing and 3.5lb which is perfect for those hit and hold situations or bigger lead applications.

The 10ft Spod/Marker rod finishes the 10ft range, offering the perfect application rod for those who prefer using shorter rods, or where space is limited.

These compliment several 12ft rods in 3lb, 3.25lb & 3.5lb, as well as a combined Spod & Marker rod, so regardless of your requirements or preferences, there is a rod in the Exodus Pro range for you.

All Exodus Pro rods are finished with high-quality fittings, understated graphics, line clips, laser etched Butt caps & high-grade carbon.

Exodus Pro rods have a crisp casting action and fast recovery, something previously hard to find with rods at this price point.

The fish playing action is responsive yet very forgiving under the tip, giving you the upmost control and the upper hand against your quarry.

Unbeatable value for money.

Perfect for those on a tight budget.

High modulus, lightweight carbon in a 3k weave.

High quality components used throughout.

Classy yet understated aesthetics.

10ft 3lb, 3.5lb and Spod/Marker rod available.

12ft 3lb, 3,25lb, 3.5lb and Spod Marker rods available.